Methods TA

This page has useful resources for students in the polisci graduate methods sequence at UIUC. This is not a comprehensive guide, but maybe a better starting point than googling stuff out of thin air.

If you want to set up a meeting check my office hours in your syllabus or send me an e-mail.

Learning R

  • There are many guides out there to learn from scratch. Use what you find more helpful given your learning style. I like the RStudio Cloud Primers because they resemble my own workflow
  • Check the PSGSA Mathcamp repository for the material of current and previous editions
  • The tidyverse collection of R packages is becoming more and more common, consider incorporating them early on. The R for Data Science is a good resource to get started

Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Consider the estimatr package if you do a lot of design-based linear regression (the workhorse of our methods sequence). It includes built-in fixed effects and robust standard errors
  • For practical coverage on a variety of model-based methods, check the PSGSA methods cheatsheets (password protected)
  • If you find ggplot2 daunting, check out Gina Reynolds’ slow ggplot approach