I am a PhD in Political Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I study comparative politics and political methodology.

Substantively, I am interested in political economy and political behavior in developing countries, with a focus on how information shapes electoral accountability and representation. Methodologically, I use tools from design-based causal inference and machine learning to improve research design in experiments and observational studies.



2020. “Light in the Midst of Chaos: COVID-19 and Female Political Representation.” World Development 136: 105125 (with Kelly Senters Piazza)

2020. “Survey Experiments and the Quest for Valid Interpretation.” In The SAGE Handbook of Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations, edited by Luigi Curini and Robert Franzese. London: Sage (with Christopher Grady and James H. Kuklinski)

2014. “Civic Education and Voter Turnout Under Voluntary Voting.” Política 52(1): 61-91 (In Spanish)

Working Papers

“A Model Selection Approach to Interference.”

  • Best poster award. 2019 Latin American Political Methodology Meeting

“Bad Neighbors Make Good Fences: How Politicians Mitigate the Electoral Consequences of Nearby Corruption in Brazil.”

“Women Held Back: The Depressing Effect of Institutional and Norms-Based Barriers on Female Representation in Corrupt Contexts.” (with Kelly Senters Piazza)

Work in Progress

Against Rules of Thumb in the Estimation of Average Treatment Effects in Block Randomized Experiments (with Jake Bowers and Christopher Grady)
EGAP resource

Do Politicians Try to Make Up for Corruption?

Detecting Design Effects in Double List Experiments